What Does a Night Nurse Do?

Caring for a newborn baby can be pretty overwhelming for a new mother. It is often exhausting and very stressful. Newborn babies need 24-hour attention which is very demanding for a mother especially right after giving birth. Mothers need to get as much rest as possible so that they can recover from the exhaustion of giving birth.

Hiring a night nurse is the best way to ensure a mother gets some peaceful sleep at night without to worry about the baby. The night nurses, as the name suggests, will provide overnight care for the baby. This consists of feeding, swaddling and soothing, diaper change among many other tasks. Most of them will arrive early in the night and leave late in the morning when everything is already set up for the mother. They are certified new born care specialists who will also advise a mother on some parenting techniques. Here is a list of their main duties and the differences between newborn and night nurses.

1. Keep the baby company

Babies do not know how to differentiate between day and night. Sometimes they can spend the whole day sleeping and be active for the night. They cannot be ignored during such times.They need someone to watch over them as they play or even when they just lay there wide awake. They can cut themselves, fall or even choke. A keen eye needs to be put on them. A night nurse will ensure that the baby is safe throughout the night. She can play with the baby, read or just swaddle as the night goes by.

2. Feeding

Babies require regular feeding. You just never know when they are going to get hungry and start crying. A night nurse will feed the baby during the night. She will come early and prepare the food. If the baby is still young, she will ensure that the bottles are well sterilized and the milk is ready and standby for the night. She will always remind the mother to pump the milk in time so that she can have ample time to rest.

3. Changing diapers

This is another important role of the night nurse. A baby should not stay in a soiled diaper for more than an hour. They have delicate skin and may be burned with the poop and pee. The night nurse will promptly change the baby’s diaper whenever it needs a new one.

4. Give medications

Babies are very susceptible to diseases and infections. Some of them are born with certain conditions that need regular medication. Proper measures should be taken to ensure the baby is well protected. A night nurse will ensure the baby has its medicine at the prescribed time. They have been trained on how to give medicine and this will not trouble them at all.

The duties of a night nurse are very valuable. Any mother who doesn’t have extra family assistance would greatly benefit from the services of a night nurse. They will help a mother bring up the baby in the most healthy way. The duties discussed above are just general, night nurses can always adjust if extra care and attention is needed.

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