Nursing Tools and Equipment

Nursing Tools and Equipment

Aside from specific tools that specialized registered nurses use in their area of work, most of the tools plus the supplies are of common functions for nurses of different fields and categories. Some of the most widespread nursing tools and equipment utilized by nurses are the following:

1. Stethoscope РIt is one of the most frequently used equipment among nurses. The most famous and reliable brands of stethoscope include Littman, Omron, or Prestige, and ADC. For variety purposes, they can be bought with different styles and colours. Due to innovation and high technology, stethoscopes nowadays appear in lightweight in addition to electronic models and can be used for specialized purposes like paediatrics.  Here is a look at the different types.

2. Sphygmomanometer – or blood pressure bundle in layman’s term is another commonly used tool in nursing. Because of a different kind of patients, nurses could have over one more blood pressure unit to suit the large-sized arms of huge patients. Just like the stethoscope which may come out in electronic models, highly modern blood pressure unit involve digital wristwatch blood pressure monitors. In general, blood pressure units are priced under $100.00.

3. Nurse Shoes – Depending on the hospitals where nurses work and give their medical service, boundaries on the kind of shoes they need to wear vary. Nursing shoes need to be lightweight and fitted well to feet to stand long hours of standing as well as walking during duty. Aside from that, the shoes are classically white in colour.

4. Gait belt – Gait belts which help nurses to move and relocating patients, can come in an assortment of colours. Posey and Alimed are the two of the most standard brand of gait belts, whose price may range from $10.00 to $200.00. The difference in prices is mainly due to the kind of material used in making gait belts. Most of the time, those cheaper ones tend to be disposable.

5. Nurse Watches РIt is advised that nurses wear a comfortable to watch with hands that indicate seconds. The watch should be waterproof for it not to stop even when they frequently wash their hands. Nightlynurse has this great guide for best watches for nurses, make sure to check it out.

6. Pen – Aside from watching, nurses should also keep a durable pen to record medical information and patient’s medical needs. Because they most likely use it very often, it is advisable to use pens that are lightweight and easy to use. All these nursing tools and equipment are available and sold in a portable kit for nurses.

However, brands and prices may also be salient factors in buying nursing tools and equipment. Along with the changes in nursing profession and flexibility in nursing jobs, tools are also evolving, suiting and matching the growing nurses’ needs.